Frequently Asked Questions for the Valencia CF Camp Frequently Asked Questions for the Valencia CF Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Tips and useful information for participating in the Valencia CF Camp

The Valencia CF Camp has a limited number of spots, therefore it is possible to accept registrations until they are filled.

We recommend packing football boots, underwear (at least one change per day), slippers, and swimming essentials (swim cap, swimsuit, beach towel) in locations where a pool is available. We will provide the training kit and the casual kit consisting of a shirt and shorts.

In each Camp, besides the classic program for players, there is a specific program for goalkeepers. The specific course for goalkeepers will be activated upon reaching a minimum number of n. 10 for each location: contact us for more information on the state of registrations!

The Valencia CF Camps are conducted by Spanish instructors from the Valencia CF Soccer School: their training includes the “VCF Soccer Programs” training methodology and first aid intervention on and off the field in case of emergencies. The Spanish staff is complemented by Italian instructors, selected exclusively within the VCF Coach Clinic, the coaching seminars that are organized every year in Italy and Spain. Members of the Staff of the Valencia CF Camp are required to provide a criminal record check and the attestation of the type of technical qualification (UEFA B) obtained.

The safety of your children and ensuring their fun is the basis of the Valencia CF Camp. Full medical assistance will be guaranteed at every location, through the presence of professionals on site and thanks to agreements with local medical facilities. Each athlete will enjoy a type “C” insurance policy that will protect them from any kind of injury that may occur during the Valencia CF Camp week.

No problem! The Hotels hosting the Valencia CF Camp boast many years of experience in catering, therefore they will be happy to cater to any need. When registering and sending the required documents in the registration form, do not forget to specify your child’s needs.

The main goal of the Valencia CF Camp is to help participants reach the maximum of their qualities according to each one’s individual potential. The week of training is particularly intense and is based on the age of the participants, their individual qualities, and faithfully reproduces the technical program carried out at the Ciutat Esportiva by the athletes registered with Valencia CF.

As specified above, the main objective of the Valencia CF Camp is to train footballers and improve their potential. The instructors of Valencia CF Soccer School are present at the camps to teach and not to scout young talents: the chances of being noticed for a subsequent trial are remote, if not nonexistent. In this regard, we always suggest to be wary of organizations that promise trials at the end of summer camps.

Absolutely yes!! At the time of registration, please specify the names of the participants with whom your child would like to share the room, and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

The grouping of teams on the field is done based on age, and during the first day of training, it is refined by our technical staff taking into account technical abilities: we will certainly do our best to accommodate your requests.

During training sessions and on the final day, you are welcome to attend; however, the presence of any parents inside the hotels that host the participating athletes and the Valencia CF Soccer School staff is not allowed.

At the end of the Valencia CF Camp, during the closing ceremony where participation certificates will be awarded to all athletes, the athlete chosen to join the Valencia CF National Team will be announced. The National Team will depart at the end of August, and it will be the responsibility of Valencia CF Soccer School Italy to assist the family in the weeks leading up to the departure of the athletes.


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